Modified & Stabilised Soils

ENVERiTY  is able to provide a comprehensive geotechnical consultancy service which includes the assessment, design, supervision and validation of earthworks projects from ground investigation to completion of construction, where the use of hydraulically bound materials are considered, either for the modification or stabilisation of the materials.

With our in-house testing expertise we are able to provide on-site and laboratory testing on hydraulically bound materials, where the use of binders such as Lime, cement [OPC], Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag [GGBS], Pulverised Fuel Ash [PFA] and others are used.

The level of service can be tailored to the requirements of individual clients and is contract specific, ranging from an initial assessment of suitability of the material at site investigation stage, to a complete package that includes all stages of the construction process. The complete package including the design, specification, initial suitability testing, trial mix design, routine on-site assessment, supervision and validation would be completed with the issue of a validation report.