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Enverity Ltd Purchases Lightweight Deflectometer

The dynamic plate load test is used in earthworks, civil engineering, road construction and rail track construction. It is used to determine the load-bearing capacity and to assess the compaction of soils, capping, sub base and soil improvement layers.


  • Testing in confined spaces
  • No requirement for reaction loads such as 360 degree excavators and dumpers
  • Rapid testing and evaluation of data
  • Results available on site

The test method is suitable for course-grained and mixed-grained soils up to a maximum grain size of 63 mm. The test is becoming widely accepted throughout the industry for rapid assessment and is proving popular with existing and new clients. More details are available for specific usage; please contact us for further information.

Enverity Ltd provide laboratory and field technician services to Taylor Woodrow

In joint venture with Alstom, Taylor Woodrow was contracted to design and construct Phase 2 of the Nottingham Express Transit system. 

The project involved extending the existing tram network south via two routes which both terminate at park and ride facilities. An additional 17km of track and 22 new trams were added to the existing network. 

Taylor Woodrow project managed delivery, undertook the civil engineering design, arranged significant utility diversions, constructed the new tramway routes and extended the existing depot, and also delivered several landmark bridges within the City.

“Enverity Ltd was employed to undertake laboratory and field technician services to Taylor Woodrow during Phase 2 of the Nottingham Express Transit Project between May 2012 and February 2015. Work consisted of routine Geotechnical and concrete testing but also structural investigation as and when unexpected structures and obstacles were encountered. Throughout the duration of the project Enverity provided extra recourses often with minimal or no notice with zero impact on quality and technical knowhow, highly recommended”

Enverity provide laboratory and field technician services to Vertase F.L.I Ltd

Vertase F.L.I. Ltd has been employed by Taylor Wimpey UK Limited to undertake remediation works required at the Sandford Farm site to allow its redevelopment for residential land use together with the creation of large areas of Public Open Space. The site, which is approximately 20 hectares, has historically been subjected to extensive quarrying with the formation of gravel pits.  Following the completion of quarrying at the site, these gravel pits were filled with a combination of industrial / commercial waste. As part of the remediation works, Vertase F.L.I. Ltd were required to excavate the landfill waste and backfill the void with geotechnically and geochemically suitable fill material in accordance with an approved specification. Much of the fill material was generated by processing of the landfill waste to recover soil and reduce the biodegradable content.

“Enverity Ltd provided excellent laboratory and field technician services to Vertase F.L.I Ltd throughout the duration of the project which was ongoing at the time of writing (May 2014)”