Archive: Mar 2015

Enverity provide laboratory and field technician services to Vertase F.L.I Ltd

Vertase F.L.I. Ltd has been employed by Taylor Wimpey UK Limited to undertake remediation works required at the Sandford Farm site to allow its redevelopment for residential land use together with the creation of large areas of Public Open Space. The site, which is approximately 20 hectares, has historically been subjected to extensive quarrying with the formation of gravel pits.  Following the completion of quarrying at the site, these gravel pits were filled with a combination of industrial / commercial waste. As part of the remediation works, Vertase F.L.I. Ltd were required to excavate the landfill waste and backfill the void with geotechnically and geochemically suitable fill material in accordance with an approved specification. Much of the fill material was generated by processing of the landfill waste to recover soil and reduce the biodegradable content.

“Enverity Ltd provided excellent laboratory and field technician services to Vertase F.L.I Ltd throughout the duration of the project which was ongoing at the time of writing (May 2014)”